Something Wild 2017

Summit Wild Ultra
September 9, 2017

Something Wild Marathon
September 9, 2017

Something Wild Half Marathon
September 9, 2017

Something Wild
Trail 10K
September 10, 2017

Kids Races
September 10, 2017

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These bad boys are up for grabs at our Wild Dart Swim on July 15. They are called the Ultra and are Vivo Barefoot's aqua shoe offering, specially designed for amphibious pursuits such as run-swims and aquathons.

Their aim is to produce shoes which "Create no waste, are free from any toxic substances and have no adverse impact on the environment."

We are proud to be sponsored by a company that cares about the ethics of shoe manufacturing.

"In the future, our aim is to create products that are made with closed loop manufacturing processes."

You can win a pair by entering our Wild Dart Swim or Aquathon here ...

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Where to Stay…

Where to Stay…

Full details of the Festival Camping options.