Forest School

Our forest school venue is a rather special little private dell of untouched ancient Woodland.

The sessions over the weekend are led by our experienced forest school leader Jacky Pearce
Activities are aimed at mixed gender groups aged from 5 to 11.

Forest School

Forest school activities, depending on numbers and weather, include one or more of the following:

  • Funny clay and nature creatures
  • Leaf bashing on calico
  • Pigment painting on calico and making a branch
  • Leaf rubbing / leaf stacking strings / leaf stitching to make long garlands (all looking at tree ID)
  • Making and following stick arrows on the ground in 2 groups to find something special
  • Nature treasure mobiles
  • Cooking, e.g. baked apples filled with raisins, popcorn, damper bread / wheat based recipe filled with jam, hot chocolate
  • Games, e.g. the name game, What’s this stick?, Fire in the forest, Sleeping Deer, Eagle Eye, animal hide and seek, the caterpillar game, the bean game or bird game.

If you book the Saturday morning session (10am-12am) while you run the 5K or 10K race, we will look after your child until you return.

Tickets for Forest School will be available separately nearer the time.